google curved line

How to create a curved line in Google map?

Google Maps is nothing but a web-based service which provides data regarding geographical regions globally. In addition to conventional road maps, it offers terrain, satellite and road views of many places. It also offers street views comprising photographs taken by any person. This API is very useful for developers as they can customize maps with […]

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Office Picnic 2019 at Openweb Solutions

Office Picnic 2019: Collection of Countless Memories in a Single Day

  Have you ever find it difficult to sleep at night because something special is going to happen tomorrow? “Well, the same situation occurred to me on the night of 11th January 2019. That night I understood how a small thing can make a great difference in our life. Our office picnic is going to […]

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accordians in jquery

How to create custom accordions using jQuery?

  The accordion is one of the useful elements. Accordion shows only one collapsible item at a time. But most importantly, an accordion shortens pages and reduce scrolling of the website. It can open and hide contents with a single click. There are different types of accordions. In accordion, we use small heading or title that […]

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How to use MySQL in Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu?

  Ruby on rails uses sqlite3 as a default database which is good for small application. If your project size is big, i.e. you need to handle large data throughout your project then MySQL database is a better option. If your machine already has a MySQL, then there is no need to install it again. In case, […]

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How to enqueue stylesheet and scripts in WordPress?

  Nowadays, WordPress is widely used for creating user interactive websites. WordPress is a free and open source CMS (Content Management System) based on PHP, MySQL. Though it is mainly used for blogging but also supports other types of websites including online stores, informative sites, mailing lists, and forums. WordPress comes with its own default themes, but […]

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ionic app development

Why use ionic native components to build mobile apps?

Ionic is a very powerful and highly usable platform for building apps nowadays. Newer versions of ionic platform provide more and more compatibility with current devices. Ionic Native give support over 130 mobile Native SDK plugins that are very useful to build powerful Ionic apps which give full advantage on Native mobile SDKs on iOS, […]

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JS technology

Angular vs Vue JS: Which one is really better?

If you are confused a bit to choose a suitable technology for front-end development between Angular and Vue js then this article will help you to reduce your burden. It is important because before building an app, you must determine the technology first. In a large scale scenario, it may affect your application. The choice […]

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modern technology in agriculture

Agriculture App: A Touch of Modern Technology in Agriculture

“I am not a farmer so why should I read this.” Is this kind of thought comes to your mind when you hear modern technology in agriculture? Well my friend, if your answer is yes then you are missing something big. In this blog, we are going to discuss the biggest misconceptions regarding agriculture technology. […]

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