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Office Picnic 2019 at Openweb Solutions

Office Picnic 2019: Collection of Countless Memories in a Single Day

  Have you ever find it difficult to sleep at night because something special is going to happen tomorrow? “Well, the same situation occurred to me on the night of 11th January 2019. That night I understood how a small thing can make a great difference in our life. Our office picnic is going to […]

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working at Openweb

Passion, Purity, Performance: Three Years as Openweb’s Crewman

It has been a marvelous journey through the winding path of my career ever since I have joined the folk of Openweb. It has been three years and now I have become an integral part of this company. Living a life of Openwebber has been a thrill induced with learning process where nothing is burdensome. Yes! It’s a truth that the […]

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