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How we can declare mutable and immutable string in Kotlin?

  In Kotlin whatever value you define here that determines the data types of the variable. Suppose (var myNumber =10),that automatically becomes integer value. Similarly, you can write the datatypes of the variable (var myString: String). In case of the mutable string, you can modify string at any point of time. Example of mutable & […]

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openweb's app development

How apps are changing our lifestyle for betterment?

No matter how much we argue over the fact that it is a boon or it is a curse, mobile phones have become the most important thing in our lives and the various applications on our mobiles help us to lead a fast life. Starting from money transfer, online payment, online shopping, ticket booking, ordering […]

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Why Kotlin is used and what is SINGLETON in Kotlin?

Kotlin is a statically typed language. It is also known as JVM language because Kotlin needs Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to execute its bytecode. Some exceptional features making it different than others i) Since it is JVM language so it’s fully interoperable on Java language. Since it is new in the market so it’s developed […]

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error handling in javascript

Know the perfect way of Error handling in JavaScript

Sometimes a developer is great at programming, but the scripts may have errors. There are various reasons for these errors. Sometimes it occurs because of our mistakes or maybe an unexpected user input, or it could be an erroneous server response and there could be a thousand of other reasons. Generally, a script stops it’s […]

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dairy apps development

5 Features that are must to include in Dairy Apps Development

Dairy farming is practiced around the world since ages. Lots of new changes have come to the procedures of dairy farming in the last few decades. A major change observed in dairy farming is owners going for the dairy apps development. But, the real question is if the dairy farms are really ripping benefits from […]

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How to use MySQL in Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu?

  Ruby on rails uses sqlite3 as a default database which is good for small application. If your project size is big, i.e. you need to handle large data throughout your project then MySQL database is a better option. If your machine already has a MySQL, then there is no need to install it again. In case, […]

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ionic app development

Why use ionic native components to build mobile apps?

Ionic is a very powerful and highly usable platform for building apps nowadays. Newer versions of ionic platform provide more and more compatibility with current devices. Ionic Native give support over 130 mobile Native SDK plugins that are very useful to build powerful Ionic apps which give full advantage on Native mobile SDKs on iOS, […]

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JS technology

Angular vs Vue JS: Which one is really better?

If you are confused a bit to choose a suitable technology for front-end development between Angular and Vue js then this article will help you to reduce your burden. It is important because before building an app, you must determine the technology first. In a large scale scenario, it may affect your application. The choice […]

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modern technology in agriculture

Agriculture App: A Touch of Modern Technology in Agriculture

“I am not a farmer so why should I read this.” Is this kind of thought comes to your mind when you hear modern technology in agriculture? Well my friend, if your answer is yes then you are missing something big. In this blog, we are going to discuss the biggest misconceptions regarding agriculture technology. […]

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Agriculture app development

Kishan Sahaj: Mobile App For Guided and Easy Scientific Agriculture

Sometimes, a completely out of the box step is required to create a marvel. It is such a step which does not follow the “sure-shot” successful traditional way. The road is highly risky because of the factor of great uncertainty. But, if we can be brave enough and follow our heart, we can ourselves create […]

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