How to create a side menu Using Ionic from blank?

Ionic is completely an open source SDK for the hybrid mobile app, It uses Cordova plugins to gain access to the host operating system features such as Camera, GPS, etc. We can build our apps, and customize them for Android, iOS, Windows, or modern browsers. The ionic framework is famous for its strong command-line interface which helps […]

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How to improve the readability of your Blog?

A blog is one of the fields where someone who loves to write, share their experience on different subjects. There are many useful tips for blog writing. In this article,  I’ll discuss some important tips. Check the tips given below: Make sure paragraphs aren’t too long. The articles consist of a minimum 300 words. Write short sentences. […]

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How we can declare mutable and immutable string in Kotlin?

  In Kotlin whatever value you define here that determines the data types of the variable. Suppose (var myNumber =10),that automatically becomes integer value. Similarly, you can write the datatypes of the variable (var myString: String). In case of the mutable string, you can modify string at any point of time. Example of mutable & […]

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Two Methods of Full Screen Overlay Navigation

  Using JavaScript and CSS properties we can create stylish fullscreen overlay navigation with a hamburger toggle button. This navigation menu will appear when toggled. Besides, the overlay covers the whole screen and makes lots of space for menu items. Similarly, there are several ways to create this type of navigation. In this blog, I […]

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openweb's app development

How apps are changing our lifestyle for betterment?

No matter how much we argue over the fact that it is a boon or it is a curse, mobile phones have become the most important thing in our lives and the various applications on our mobiles help us to lead a fast life. Starting from money transfer, online payment, online shopping, ticket booking, ordering […]

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openweb network security

Significance of Network Security in Wireless Networking

Networking security is the most important part of the Wireless Local Area Networking technology. To avoid the attacks and risks, a security protocol for Wireless Local Area Network should satisfy the following properties: Confidentiality– The sender sends the data to the intended receiver and it is ensured that the message is comprehensible only by the […]

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What is our future of wireless technology (5G+)

              Basically, if I start to write about our technologies evolution in this post that will make you bore. So, you can check it from here. But, If I tell about our future wireless technology that’s a cool topic and also very interesting. During the 80s, 1st Generation Technology was invented. It […]

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Why Kotlin is used and what is SINGLETON in Kotlin?

Kotlin is a statically typed language. It is also known as JVM language because Kotlin needs Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to execute its bytecode. Some exceptional features making it different than others i) Since it is JVM language so it’s fully interoperable on Java language. Since it is new in the market so it’s developed […]

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error handling in javascript

Know the perfect way of Error handling in JavaScript

Sometimes a developer is great at programming, but the scripts may have errors. There are various reasons for these errors. Sometimes it occurs because of our mistakes or maybe an unexpected user input, or it could be an erroneous server response and there could be a thousand of other reasons. Generally, a script stops it’s […]

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dairy apps development

5 Features that are must to include in Dairy Apps Development

Dairy farming is practiced around the world since ages. Lots of new changes have come to the procedures of dairy farming in the last few decades. A major change observed in dairy farming is owners going for the dairy apps development. But, the real question is if the dairy farms are really ripping benefits from […]

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